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Commissioning is an essential element of any high-performance facility. Across all industries, commissioning is necessary to ensure your facilities are running smoothly and efficiently, mitigating unnecessary delays and failures.

With today’s facilities becoming more technically advanced than ever before, the pressures put on a building’s mechanical, electrical, life safety and telecommunications systems to perform at high levels has made commissioning services even more important.

upstream oil gas iconUpstream Oil & Gas

Keeping upstream facilities running on schedule is necessary as it is the head of the supply chain for mid and down stream operation. We offer the commissioning solutions for drilling, exploration, and production.

upstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

midstream oil gas iconMidstream Oil & Gas

From storage infrastructure to transport, midstream oil and gas requires seamless transition of product. Our commissioning services mitigate delay and keep your facilities consistent.

downstream oil gas iconDownstream Oil & Gas

Commissioning is essential to the downstream sector. Projects for designing new plants or renovating and modifying existing sites require commissioning services that our team handles with expertise.

downstream oil gas

mining iconMining

The complex systems for mining operations require unique solutions. Our commissioning team has the experience to handle projects from facility design to drilling processes and equipment.

Area of Operations

Serving our industry needs across the United States.

Northern Region – Alaska, Alberta
Rockies Region – North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah
Southern Region – New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Gulf of Mexico

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