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Who We Are

Delta Commissioning Services is a division of Delta Constructors. Founded in 2007, Delta Constructors LLC is an Alaska company, serving our industries in Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Oil & Gas, and Mining Operations.

Delta Commissioning took root in 2016

Under the guidance of Delta Constructors’ management and the leadership of Mark White, our General Commissioning Manager, Delta Commissioning has grown considerably.

As a subdivision of Delta Constructors, project management is streamlined, decreasing breakdown of communication and increasing efficiency.

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Project commissioning is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements and design basis. Or simply stated to “bring into working condition.”
Proactive operators are focusing more on commissioning as an opportunity to efficiently mitigate risk of delay or functional failure.

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Delta Commissioning Solutions for Industry Performance

  • Operators continue to seek solutions to mitigate project risk associated with facility startup delays.
  • 77% of infrastructure projects are at least 40% late. 55% of North America Oil and Gas projects experience project delays affecting startup

Our Value Statement

We attribute our growth to our value of safety, quality, and integrity. By aligning with our clients, their goals become our goals, creating accountability.


  • Develop Plans Early
  • Quantify KPI’s (HSE, Cost, Schedule)
  • Align terms with Performance Expectations
  • Integrate with Stakeholders
  • Social/Cultural Interest


  • Hands on Leadership
  • Engaged Early and Often
  • Measure Performance vs. Baseline
  • Clear Change Management
  • Report Transparently
  • Direct Hire = Ownership

Safety is our highest priority

Production, schedule, and cost will never be placed before safety.

We believe that Zero Incidents is achievable.

Commissioning Division Performance: TRIR .00 (12 months rolling)

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