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What We Do

Delta Commissioning provides a vital service to our industries to bridge the gap between construction and production. We ensure that your facilities are safe, efficient, and fit for purpose. With an End In Mind approach to our planning and integration, we provide reliable operations and early startup while lowering your project costs. With safety as our priority, we ensure that all this is achieves and no one gets hurt.

Our Commissioning Services guarantee reliability throughout the entire process. From Planning, Design, and Pre-Commissioning, to Commissioning, Startup, and Handoff, we create that reliability.


Define the scope of work, complete the basis of estimate and integrate stakeholders to ensure there is a well understood and measurable plan.

  • Pre-Feed and FEED
  • Fabrication and Field Execution
  • Startup
  • Basis of Estimate
  • Provide detailed systems identification and startup sequencing
  • System Commissioning Procedures
  • Vendors
  • Design Review
  • Develop plans specific to phases and location
  • End in Mind approach to planning
  • System Logic Charts and prioritization
  • Write and review system commissioning procedures
  • Vendor Management and SoW Development
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Completions Management Systems

Proven CMS that provides visibility to the work scope and tracks and reports performance.

  • Utilize Omega Pims
  • ITR Development
  • Preservation Tracking
  • Progress Tracking
  • Proven industry wide project completions software
  • Inspection Test Records for A and B check sheets
  • Project duration preservation tracking and reporting
  • Live Status of project completion activities
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Right Size the organization with highly trained personnel. We measure and report performance and adjust when required.


  • Rotating Equipment
  • Leak Testing and Flushing
  • First fill equipment
  • Preservation
  • Alignment and preservation
  • Identify and utilize proper medium for testing
  • Lubricants and process fluids
  • Planning an Execution

Electrical and Instrumentation:

  • Testing
  • Design installation
  • Data sheet verification
  • NETA and ISA best practices
  • Confirm proper field installation
  • Confirm what’s installed is correct
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System Integration

Fit for purpose design and installation. Competent system integrators.

  • Rockwell Software
  • PLC Design
  • Field Support
  • RSLogix
  • Fit for purpose design and installation
  • Competent system integrators to support project needs.
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