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Project Experience

DCS Team has successfully provided commissioning services to plan, manage and execute system turnover for major complex projects, providing a full complement of commissioning technicians to perform comprehensive testing and set up while adhering to industry standards and best practices. We have a wide variety of project experience; here are a few sample commissioning projects:

Surmont 2 SAGD $7B Project, Alberta, Canada – ConocoPhillips/Total

DCS engineers representing the owners (ConocoPhillips/Total) established a system, sub system phased turnover approach to bring the SAGC plant on 4 months early.  With the plan established the DSC team worked with the construction contractors to incorporate the approved phased system turnover into their construction schedule.

midstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

Lucius and Heidelberg Offshore Platforms, Gulf of Mexico - Anadarko Petroleum

DCS Hook up management team provided integration management integrating subsea, construction and an independent commissioning contractor to deliver on time and under budget.­­

Greater Moose’s Tooth 1 Project, Alaska, North Slope – ConocoPhillips

Worked with ConocoPhillips Project Management Team and Operations to write project specific commissioning procedures.  Developed the integration and transition schedule between construction, commissioning and owner start up team.  Prepared the B check sheets and performed systemized functional checkout.   This full-service integrated approach shortened the turnover and startup window by approximately 60 days and lowered cost by 40% when compared with similar North Slope Projects.

midstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

Moose and L Pad Project, Alaska, North Slope – Hilcorp

Worked with Hilcorp’s Project Management Team 3rd party engineering and Operations to write project specific commissioning procedures.  Developed the system logic chart identifying the quickest path to first oil/first production. Prepared the B ch

Salt Water Disposal, other Mid-Stream, Permian Basin, Texas, – Anadarko, ConocoPhillips

Develop the commissioning plan and assigned B Check sheets.  Provide the commissioning technicians to check, verify and turnover systems to Operations.  Provided startup support as needed.

midstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

Well Pad Facilities, Bakken, North Dakota - Hess

Develop the commissioning plan and assign the B Check sheets. Commissioned each site with a streamlined approach to reduce the duration from construction completion to startup utilizing the integrated approach.

Compressor Station Facilities, Bakken, North Dakota and New Mexico/Texas – Oasis, Hess

Develop the commissioning plan and assign the B Check sheets. Supplied the technicians to test and verify all gas plant facility equipment and provide vendor and startup support.  Provide the commissioning technicians to check, verify and turnover systems.

midstream oil gas


“The integrated commissioning approach during construction was not only a time saver but also identified a few problems that were easily addressed before mechanical completion and start-up”.

Keith Livezey
Site Project Manager
Oasis Midstream

midstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

“Delta Commissioning has proven to be a valuable asset for Anadarko’s commissioning needs, a professional and competent team and have a great deal of flexibility for my team’s unique needs, all while reducing our costs and project durations.”

Zack Smith
Sr. Commissioning Foreman
Occidental Petroleum Corp.

“I know we would not be close to first steam without Delta’s help.  As I look back over the last four years there are certain actions and decisions made that were game changers. Bringing you folks on to help was one of those key decisions.  Words really cannot describe my appreciation for you answering the phone and coming to work with us”.

Craig Dotson
Canadian Capital Projects Vice President
Surmont 2, Conoco Phillips

midstream oil gas
midstream oil gas

“We appreciate you providing us quality skilled people, they all had a good attitude and treated our Facility as if it was their own.  They brought things to our attention that showed us they wanted to leave our equipment in better shape than they found it”.

Allen Rathbun / Randy Garner
CPF3 Instrument Shop Lead
Conoco Phillips

 ”Mark White and his team delivered on everything that they promised on during the proposal stage and more.  Their organization and systematic approach bolstered the construction team and ultimately insured that the project was successful”. 

Walton Crowell
Moose Pad Development Manager

midstream oil gas